Top Content Marketing Experts In October 2021

Mihael D. Cacic

Published 19 Jul 2021
Updated 3 October 2021

Content marketing is a very deep and extremely dynamic sea.  And following content marketing experts is an easy way to stay afloat!

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are excellent platforms for following content marketing experts.

You are:

  • kept in the loop about the latest developments in the field
  • can read expert opinions with just a few taps
  • and get a chance to collaborate with industry giants to take your content marketing game to the next level.

If your feeds are getting a bit stale lately, here are 13 content marketing experts that can spice it up again!

Mihael D. Cacic 

Yep, that’s me! I run a content marketing agency called 21Writers, where I mainly work with B2B and SaaS customers.

To learn more about my content marketing strategy you can connect with me on LinkedIn (and follow the 21writers blog). My approach is different from most other experts you’ll find in this list.

You see, I believe that the primary goal of your business blog is to sell your product – it’s not an platform for you to express your creativity.

“Treat your blog as an extension of your salespage.”

That’s why I’m probably the only content marketer that begins his content strategy interviewing the CEO, sales team, marketing team, customer support, and customers.

And I do keyword research only after I find out who your customers are, determine what they want to read, and brainstorm ways to include your product into that.

My goal? Create super-targeted, super-specific content that turns visitors into buyers. Simple.

Erin Balsa

Erin Balsa orchestrates everything related to content at The Predictive Index. 

And the one thing that she believes is going to take center stage in the 2021 content marketing scene are email newsletters! Erin believes that many companies are going to start a newsletter in 2021. Those who already have one are going to reinvent it into something spicier and more original.

I agree with Erin. Just like me, she also believes that users love super-targeted content. And email newsletters are an excellent way to give them that. In addition to converting readers into customers, email newsletters can be modified to educate your audience and build your brand.

While I wouldn’t recommend that, many budding businesses need to build their brand and if you’re one of those, make sure to follow Erin on LinkedIn.

Sujan Patel

Sujan Patel has helped 8 SaaS companies rope in 4.5 million unique visitors and 535k users. If you think that’s impressive, you can follow him on Twitter.

He’s the managing director at Mailshake and the marketing guru behind marketing companies like Mailshake, Quuu, and VoilaNorbert. Honestly, that’s a whole different level. Imagine the knowledge he’s accumulated over the years. Now imagine all that knowledge being transferred to you within a matter of a few videos. Like that? Then head on to his YouTube channel now!

Neil Patel 

It’s impossible to not know Neil Patel. He’s the godfather of content marketing. In addition to being an extremely successful entrepreneur (he was recognised as a top 100 Entrepreneur Under the Age of 35 by the United Nations), Neil Patel is an extremely good teacher.

That’s what I love about him. Unlike many other content marketing experts who like to keep their secret recipes secret, Neil aims to teach us one new content marketing tactic each day.

If you’re a new content marketer (or a business looking to up their content game), you must subscribe to Neil’s YouTube channel. 14 million other people learn daily from him on YouTube and not being one of them would be a mistake.

Like to read instead of watching videos? Follow his blog at or find him on LinkedIn.

Shane Barker

Shane Barker specializes in a very useful content marketing area — influencer marketing. He has helped many celebrity influencers with effectively promoting digital products.

Although Shane specializes in influencer marketing, his services also include SEO, content marketing, and personal branding. 

If you’re a business wondering how you can tap the power of influencer marketing (or a marketer looking to specialize in this area), connecting with Shane Barker on LinkedIn and Twitter will be very valuable to you.

Ashley Levesque 

Ashley directs marketing at Demio, a company that helps its customers run smooth webinars. And Ashley believes that YouTube is the next big thing in 2021. She’s right. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and it’s almost as important to target as Google when executing a content strategy.

Know this — many people don’t like to read. But it’s difficult to find a person who doesn’t like watching videos. This is why Ashley believes YouTube is going to be a crucial part of the content marketing world as we move forward.

Ashley is also a huge fan of webinars (duh!). We’ve seen many companies struggle with webinars as the world went into a lockdown. But we’ve also seen the true potential of well-executed webinars during the same time. Ashley believes the importance of webinars will grow in the future.

If you’re someone looking to tap the power of webinars, you can follow Ashley at LinkedIn.

Jacob McMillen

Jacob McMillen is special in that he’s not only a content marketing expert, but also a copywriting maestro.

I feel copywriting is one of the major pillars that content marketing stands on. You may be able to spread your content like wildfire but if it’s not effectively written (which is what a copywriter does), then it’s practically useless.

Jacob is one of the best copywriters in the US currently and provides “bullsh*t-free insights on writing, marketing & freelancing” on his blog. He also runs a group called Write Minds, which is designed to help entrepreneurial writers meet with like-minded people and grow online. If you’re one of those writers, check it out.

Jo Saunders 

Sometimes, content marketing is more about personal marketing on social media than articles and blogs. Your customers may love your blog posts, but they’ll love your social media posts even more because they are much more personal and easy to access.

That’s where Jo comes in. She specializes in LinkedIn marketing and is an excellent mentor for someone looking to improve their LinkedIn presence (either personal or business).

She’s the author of Get Good or Get Off: A Guide to Getting it Right on Social Media. She also blogs at and runs a YouTube channel called Jo Saunders.

Looking to finally understand how LinkedIn works? Jo Saunders is the expert for you.

Marie Ennis-O’Connor

Marie is a public health practitioner with over 10 years of experience working in health sciences. She’s one of Health IT’s Top 100 influencers and rightly so. Because Marie believes in the quote:

We do not have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is – HOW WELL WE DO IT.

If you’re a healthcare brand looking to tap the power of social media marketing, Marie is the expert you should follow. She offers social media consulting, social media strategy, optimisation of current social media accounts, and creation of new ones. She also helps healthcare brands by reviewing their websites and lends a hand in LinkedIn publishing.

Alvin Hussey 

Customers don’t always have to be adults. Kids are customers too. And if you’re in a business of selling toys, Alvin Hussey is the guy you need to follow.

He’s the commercial director at Beano Studios, which creates content aimed at children and families.

In the past, Alvin was a part of a popular social marketing agency and ever since, he’s been a keynote speaker. 

Marcus Collins 

Marcus Collins is probably my favorite in this list. Because unlike every other content marketing expert, Marcus Collins is a professor! He teaches marketing at University of Michigan Ross School of Business and offers content marketing services on his website, MarcToTheC.

Just like me, Marcus believes the goal of content is to convert readers into buyers. 

On his website, he says, “Throughout my career, I have realized that no matter what industry you are in, the primary goal is to get people to action—to buy, to watch, to click, to vote, to subscribe, etc.. While each industry has its own set of unique complexities and nuances, the goal is always the same, “how do we get people to move?””. 

And Marcus has spent over a decade studying the factors that make people “move”. With his deep knowledge of marketing, Marcus has helped giants like Pepsi, Yahoo, Google, Amazon, and McDonalds with social media campaigns and research innovation.

If you’re looking for some really solid marketing knowledge, follow him on LinkedIn or ask for his advice via his website!

Chris Von Wilpert

Chris Von Wilpert made $100,000 from one blog post. And that’s the central theme of his work — create less content but make sure it’s ultra-high quality.

With companies like HubSpot and Shopify on his client waiting list, Chris makes most experts look cute. He was also the Copy Chief at Sumo, where he was in charge of email marketing.

Chris has also authored several ebooks and viral blog posts, detailing how companies like Slack and Shopify have tapped the real power of content marketing. You can find these on Amazon but if you’re not willing to dive in that deep, you can follow him on Facebook.

Adam Enfroy

Last but not the least is Adam Enfroy. He’s a personal favorite of mine. In 2020, Adam Enfroy was making $80k a month blogging. He scaled his blog to a 7-figure business in just two years, and he shares all that he learned along the way on

He also shares tidbits on Twitter, and if you’re a business owner looking to tap the power of blogging — or a blogger looking to make (some great) money out of blogging — following Adam Enfroy would be a great decision.

Feeling overwhelmed? 

It’s okay. I know these are a LOT of content marketers to follow at the same time. 

Their advice might differ and your content strategy may lose its direction. 

But if you look closely, each expert in the list specializes in something different — Alvin Hussey targets kids while Adam Enfroy focuses on blogging. My advice is to follow those marketers that align with your business type and goals the most. 

Speaking of business type, if you’re a SaaS company looking for a killer content strategy, I think expert #1 in this list would be the perfect choice!

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