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Innovative Content Marketing for SaaS companies that want fast, reliable, and scalable traffic… Using two little known techniques

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Fear Not.

I’m here to show you how to do content marketing the right way. From building an audience, writing epic articles, and converting traffic into leads for as little as five bucks.

But first, let me introduce myself.

Hi, I’m Mihael

An odd mix of numbers and words.

In the past 6 years, I have…

  • Graduated from theoretical physics,
  • Worked as a database engineer,
  • Became a successful freelance writer.

Why I’m here

While writing blog posts for my clients, I noticed most don’t know why and how content works.

The result? Doing stuff ass-backward and literary burning money with a flamethrower.

Improving the system

It was painful to watch.

Around that time I started thinking about building an audience of my own. But I knew the standard system wasn’t the way to go…

Scratching my own itch, I decided to use my knowledge of complex systems, statistics, and non-fiction writing to create a system that delivers faster and more consistent results.

Have I succeeded?

Perhaps. My approach isn’t for everyone. I’ll give you a short summary in the next 614 words. Then judge for yourself if it’s worth your time.

“He solved our whole marketing problem.”

“Not only has Mihael written impressive texts, he is also a remarkable visionary, planner and strategist. Through analysis, he quickly created a comprehensive content plan and started solving our problems one by one and step by step. I can only talk in superlatives about him.”

Simon Sanda, CEO @ Illuspire

Here’s how it works

Content marketing *should* be split into Content, Audience, and Conversions. And you *should* be asking these questions 24/7/365:

  • Content – How can we out-teach our competition?
  • Audience – How can we build an audience of diehard fans?
  • Conversions – How can we use our customers to get even more customers?

You need an epic strategy for each. And when epicly executed, traffic and revenue become EXPONENTIAL.

Let’s dive into each.

Level 1: Creating Content

The main goal of a blog post isn’t to drive new traffic – the main goal is to educate your customers.

This is because teaching is the best way to build trust, credibility, and authority.

Once you’re a great educator, traffic becomes a natural byproduct. It can come from:

1. Google. (But that’s a long-term game you can paradoxically win ONLY IF you already have people reading your blog.)

2. Your audience when it SHARES your post with their audience. (Free, easy, and ultra-scalable.)

But if you want people to share your blog, you need to prioritize quality and structure over quantity and disorganization.

How to do it

To ensure quality and structure, one of the best techniques for SaaS companies is the Hub & Spoke technique.

  1. Identify what your ideal customer would die to learn about. Like eCommerce Software, Cold Outreach, or Pricing Strategy. This is your topic cluster.
  2. Plan out 3-12 long-form SEO articles directly related to the topic cluster. Help yourself with Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Google Keyword Planner.
  3. Once you write the articles, create a big pillar page that links to all new blog posts.

This way you become the best place on the web to learn about the topic.

Not only will you become super shareable, but Google will also promote your website much more aggressively since your posts are thematically connected. Win-Win-Win!

Level 2: Building an Audience

We’re of course talking about your email subscribersThey will:

  • Read your new article — and help you rank faster
  • Share the article — and help you reach new audiences
  • Give you feedback — and help you improve your content 

Indispensable. But how do you scale one if you don’t have one?

Most companies would use SEO or cold outreach just because it’s free. But it’ll also take them YEARS to build even the scantiest audience.

Screw that. We can short-circuit the process with less than 200 bucks.

How to do it

Before or as soon as you finish your first topic cluster,  build or scale your audience with viral marketing promotions.

Stuff like viral giveaways, mini-courses, virtual events, holiday offers, software tools, or anything else you can think of.

  1. Put all your marketing promo ideas in an excel sheet.
  2. Rank them by the ease of implementation from hard to easy (1-5 scale)
  3. Rank them by the impact on your business from low to high (1-5 scale).
  4. Sum both scores together. Begin with the highest score promotion. Then move down the list.
  5. Track the cost and the number of new subs you get from each promotion.
  6. Stick with the ones that give you the biggest volume of leads
  7. Repeat ad-infinitum 

This is the fastest, cheapest, and most reliable way to build or scale an audience. (Noah Kagan grew his email list by 6411 email subs with just one book giveaway. Crazy, right?)

There are a few nuances, though. You can read about it in my blog here (TBA).

Level 3: Making Sales

Case studies are the best sales tools at your disposal. Period.

That’s because people don’t respond well to generic offers — even if they’re familiar with you.

They would much rather read how someone like them solved a problem they’re having right now. That’s inspiring. “If they could do it, so could I!”

Yet most companies waste this teaching opportunity… They write case studies for themselves. They blabber about how big their client is, how awesome they are, and what you’re missing out on.

(No one wanna read that.)

How to do it

It’s tempting, but don’t get too specific about your clients — the reader must identify with them. After that, show actual proof. Like a screenshot from your client’s google analytics. This grabs attention.

Then write about ACTIONABLE STEPS your readers can take to get the same results on their own. Teach, don’t boast.

Finally, position yourself as the shortcut.

  1. Find customers willing to reveal their data publicly.
  2. Interview them about the results they’re getting with your product or service.
  3. Write an educational case study on them.
  4. Promote the case study by retargeting your traffic and email leads for cheap clicks.
  5. Use Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Outbrain for retargeting and creating a lot of social proof.
  6. At the bottom of your case study include a call-to-action to your sales page.
  7. Try this with different case studies to find winners.

Make the case study about your readers, and they will gladly read every single word of it.

If you wanna read my full guide to case studies, find it here (TBA).

Wrapping it up

I like to think one content cycle lasts 3 months and contains one content cluster, one marketing promotion, and one case study campaign.

At the end of each cycle, you’re left with a bigger audience, higher domain authority, and more case studies. The cycles stack on each other and produce exponential results.

Does it make sense?

Does this make sense? Are you excited? Sure, it’s rather aggressive. But hey 🤷 I encourage you to try it yourself. There’s a lot more to it (we haven’t even mention the distribution), but… You don’t really need me. I publish all the secrets on my blog.

If after this pep talk you still want me on your team, then check out my program below!

The Authority Traffic Program

(Pick your authority level)

Miami Lifeguard


You already have a good strategy — But you need someone to write the articles.



“The Jock” will create one awesome long-form article that will make a huge splash in your niche.

Designed to be better than everything on the first page for the desired keyword. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet lorem.


(!) minimum 1000 words (!)

Blog Structure

  • Narrative & table of content
  • Identifying first-page opportunity gaps
  • Unique article value proposition
  • Satisfying the search intent


  • In-depth, relevant research
  • Personal research where possible (contacting experts, mining data…)
  • Link to source for each claim

Search Engine Optimization

  • Meta title & meta description
  • URL suggestion
  • Keyword optimization
  • SEO image title
  • Descriptive alt text
  • SEO text format
  • Lossy compression for load speed
  • Internal linking advice

UI & UX Advice

  • Min one image per 250 words
  • Beautifully edited images
  • UX friendly text formatting
  • Advice on optimal font size

Zero-Zero Agent


You already have in-house writers — But you need someone to create a content plan.



Content Intelligence: Sector 7 (CI:7), will create a 12-month content strategy that you can follow to the letter and get amazing results on your own.

Designed to keep even the most aggressive content marketers busy for a year.


Content Structure

  • Competitor analysis
  • 24 prime keyword opportunities (2/month)
  • 2 to 4 topic clusters
  • Highly-effective content calendar template

Audience Building Campaigns

  • 4 audience building marketing promotions (1/quarter)
  • Tool and promotion strategy recommendations
  • Strategic content upgrade for each post

Case Study Campaigns

  • Customer questionnaire
  • Template for writing high-converting case studies
  • Case study advertising strategy


  • An extensive text document wrapping it up and explaining when, why, and how to create, promote, and distribute the blog posts for maximum impact.

Cosmic Hero


You want this done right — So you need someone to take over the operation.



The Cosmic Council will take over your entire content marketing channel and execute with the fierce passion of a thousand suns.

Available ONLY for selected clients who invested in the Content Strategy Plan.


Content Creation & Distribution

  • 6000 words of content per month (1-4 blog posts/mo)
  • Content upgrades for lead gen
  • Any necessary email copy & sequences
  • Short-term content distribution via email, social media, and ads
  • Long-term content distribution via Google SEO

Audience Building

  • Running quarterly promotions from start to end
  • Creating ad copy and creatives that fit brand standards
  • Any necessary email copy & sequences

Case Study Advertising

  • Interviewing customers via text or video
  • Running effective social media ads


  • Managing writers, editors, designers, promoters
  • Overseeing the entire operation
  • Progress reports every two weeks or as desired

“Best freelancer work I’ve read!”

“I am so happy we got in touch with Mihael. He did a phenomenal job on our articles. He has a wonderful attitude and can-do spirit! Kudos! Here’s to a bright future together!”

Lia Schmidt, VP of Content Marketing @ Insider.

When can you expect the first results?

Article writing – 5 workdays per 1500 words

I’m a slooooow thinker. And that’s my superpower.

Sure, I can’t, don’t, and won’t bother to write faster than 100 to 250 words per hour. But what I write has depth and flow unmatched by my competitors.

I research deeply. I thoughtfully consider every word. I let ideas marinate in my head. And I only do one editing pass per day to prevent creative blindness.

Content Strategy – 2 to 4 weeks

There’s no room for guessing or mistakes.

And I’m dead serious about that. It takes one year of effort and 72,000 words to execute the plan. I must make sure every word you write will have the maximum impact on your company.

That’s why I take extra time and make sure everything is correct, easy to follow, and easy to understand. 

Agency work – 2 weeks to 1 month

I’ll first optimize your existing content and most likely start running marketing promotions rights away.

This way you can start seeing results in as little as 2 weeks.

But if you’re a blank slate, I’ll first need to write a few articles before we can scale your audience — and a few case studies before we can scale your sales.

Despite that, our content distribution strategy should get you some traffic and email signups in the first month already.

Work, Payments, and Refunds

Everything I create is yours.

If you decide to end the project I’ll instantly hand over all materials. I’ll also include detailed notes so your team can pick up where I left in as little as one day.

But because of this there are no refunds after the brief is written.

Example (articles): If you’ve paid for a 3000-word blog post, and I’ve written 1500 words => you get a 50% refund + all the materials.

Example (strategy): You’ve paid for a 12-month strategy, and I’ve already created an 8-month plan => You get a 33.33% refund + all the materials.

Example (agency work): You’ve paid for the full month and decide to cancel after 1-week => You get a 75% refund + all the materials.

So… How’s it going to end?

Hire me

😎 Get high-quality articles that will make you the leading authority in the industry.

😍 Attract clients that are pre-qualified as hell and a dream to work with.

🤑 Become like an archwizard that can spin traffic seemingly out of thin air!

Don’t hire me

😔 Stay frustrated with content that doesn’t convert (and even HURTS your brand).

🙁 Wait 2+ years before you even glimpse at any results.

😨 Gamble your company’s future on an outdated strategy.

Yes! I need this done RIGHT!